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Texas Division Reunion 2020


I wanted to take a moment to reassure you that the Brig. General R. M. Gano Camp #2292 is closing monitoring the events going on in the world today and are certain a lot of this will have passed by June. We are looking forward to welcoming our Texas Division Compatriots to the 2020 Reunion in Grapevine. To be able to have a successful reunion and to achieve our goals of finally voting on constitutional changes we need your support. I am taking the stance of it is on till it is off, meaning unless the county, city or hotel officials tell us we cannot hold our reunion at that time. What we need from each of you is attendees and support. While a majority of camps will not have met in March or even April, we ask that you make concerted effort to either meet in person or electronically in May to review the proposed changes and select delegates. Commanders and Adjutants please get a list of attendees and delegates as soon as possible, even if someone is not sure they will be attending put them on the list, this will make the check-in process run much smoother.

Some of the ways you can support:

· Recommend any vendors you may know to sign up ASAP.


· Reunion Medals, let us know if you will be wanting extra medals


· The Memorial Ancestor section of the Souvenir Program still has space available.


Please continue to register and book you hotel rooms.

Stay up to date with the latest information on the 2020 Texas Division Reunion from our division webpage:

We hope to see you all in Grapevine,

Craig Stone

Lt Commander Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

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